How To Spot Fake Makeup Products?

spot fake makeup products

If you have just started taking interest in makeup or are new to beauty blogging, you have to be aware of the knock-offs of the high-end brands. This makeup scam is especially more prevalent in the celebrity makeup brands like Kylie, Fenty, Huda, etc. It’s easy to spot fake makeup products when it’s in front of you which is why most of these are sold online. Most of these sellers use the product photography of the original brand and don’t show what they are selling.

Difference Between Dupe & Fake Makeup Products

1. The Price

Authentic high-end brands are significantly on the expensive side. The only time their price is decreased is when the official brand posts about the sale. Other than that if you are seeing huge sale signs on these brands from non-official sources then you better believe that they are fake.

2. Check The Holographic Label

The holographic label is probably the biggest check mark of genuine makeup products. This label is particularly designed in a unique way so that it is difficult to copy. The holographic label often includes the brand logo, product name, and unique code/serial number. Hold the product up in the light and look at the label for the hologram effect. If the label appears flat then take it as a sign about the product being fake.

3. Check The Shade Online Before Buying

Usually, online retailers don’t take the product back once it opens which is why this trick works better if you are buying the product in person. Keep a picture that has the exact shade color that you are looking to buy. Try to find the picture that’s unedited and shows the original color. Usually, the shades of high-end products are drastically different from their cheap knockoffs.

4. Focus On The Finish

This again can be better tested in the shop. Always check the texture of the product. The finish of a branded makeup product will always be smooth. If you find the texture to be too thin, thick, or lumpy then it’s a red flag.

5. Check For Spelling Errors

If you can’t figure out the authenticity of a product, try reading its copy. If you do spot some spelling or grammar mistakes then you can be sure of its fakeness. Big companies are very diligent when it comes to perfect packaging, they don’t do basic spelling or grammatical errors.

6. Beware of Unofficial Sellers

If someone is trying to sell a branded makeup product that too via anonymous or unofficial means then they are trying to rip you off. Most of these people will target you if you are particularly asking around about a sold-out product on different threads and comment sections. Always ask the official brand about the restocking of the product and don’t buy anything from unverified sellers.

These were some tips that will help in spotting fake makeup products from the original. These low-quality fake products are made from many dangerous chemicals and aren’t checked for the standard toxic test by any authority. Using these can damage your skin and even adversely affect your health. Keep your skin healthy by only using genuine products that are made from natural ingredients!